How To Start Online Mobile Recharge Business

How To Start Online Mobile Recharge Business

So you like to Start Online mobile recharge business?

It’s not that hard to start online mobile recharge business. I will spare you with the details of Registering your firm/company, Applying for GST etc and will go right into starting online mobile recharge business. Here are the main 4 step to get started with Online Mobile Recharge Business.

Steps to Start Online Mobile Recharge Business

1. Registering Your Domain Name

To Start mobile recharge business, you first need to register a Domain name like or etc.

you can register domains easily at Godaddy Find a Domain and Register

Godaddy Screen Shot

2. Get Payment Gateway

You need a payment gateway to accept payment from your customers. They will pay for mobile recharge using there Debit cards, Credit Cards, Net banking etc. You can easily Signup for Free Payment Gateways like PayUMoney. Yes, its free to signup and there is no setup cost but they will charge some percentage like 2% as Payment Gateway Charges on every transaction.

PayUMoney Screen Shot

3. Need Online Mobile Recharge API

You have a domain name and Payment gateway. Now you need Online Mobile Recharge API. When the customer paid you for a recharge, you need to process it and send that request to Network Operator like Airtel, JIO etc. For this, you need to get API from Network Operator or any other third party online mobile recharge API provider. You can find a Free Mobile Recharge API Utility Portal

Mobile Recharge API Provider

4. Need Online Mobile Recharge Portal Software

You are almost ready to start your own online mobile recharge business. Finally, you need a software to be hosted on with the Domain name. Using Payment Gateway, it needs to accept Payment from your customers and Process it and sends that request to Network Operators using Online Mobile Recharge API. You can just signup for TEKXIPH B2C Mobile Recharge Website

B2C Mobile Recharge

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